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Donald Sterling: I’m Not Racist, “I Put Food On Black People’s Table”


[adsense]Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling is facing even more heat today. New extended audio allegedly reveals the embattled owner providing evidence of his non-racist attitude. How can Donald Sterling not be racist, he puts food on the table of black people? Unbelievable:

The backstory to this controversy started when an audio clip purporting to contain the voices of Donald Sterling and his girlfriend (he is still married) having a heated conversation. In the audio, Sterling asks his girlfriend why she is being seen hanging out with black people. He warns her to not bring black people ‘to his games’ and especially wants his girlfriend not hanging out with Magic Johnson.

Sterling says he has nothing against minorities, he just doesn’t want them being friendly or hanging out with him in a social aspect.

The irony of course is the NBA is a very, very popular organization for many people of African-American background. Many people on the LA Clippers have some sort of genetically African ancestry. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are only two of countless people who have expressed disdain and outrage about Sterling’s commentary.

President Barack Obama condemned the commentary as ignorant and many are waiting for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to take action on the issue.


LA Clippers show solidarity in playoff game.  Instead of not playing, the players of the Los Angeles Clippers decided to stick together and show protest against the team owner’s racist commentary by wearing logo-less practice shirts and black socks.  Coach Doc Rivers vowed the Clippers would also show protest ‘in the way the play’.  The Clippers lost by over 20 points to the Golden State Warriors.