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Donald Sterling Just Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease, So Therefore Is Not Racist


Sterling’s lawyer reveals embattled Clippers-owner Donald Sterling suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Therefore, Donald Sterling cannot be held at blame for comments he was manipulated into making and cannot even remember saying.

[adsense]It breaks my heart that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is demonizing someone with a major medical condition.   Today Sterling’s lawyer Max Blecher revealed that the longtime NAACP approved Sterling is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Silver, along with the likes of Earvin “Magic” Johnson need to apologize to Donald Sterling for their vicious, heartless attacks.

Alzheimer’s is a medical condition of the brain, making the victim subject to brief lapses of cognizance and recognition.  The sufferers can be manipulated into saying outrageous things and have no recollection.  When you hear the tape of Donald Sterling saying to not ‘blacks to his games’, that is clearly not Sterling talking.  That is Alzheimer’s talking and Sterling is just an innocent victim in all of this mess.

Silver was so quick to judge Donald Sterling along with Magic Johnson, who wanted to greedily buy up the now popular Clippers, that he failed to have compassion and sympathy for an 86-year-old man who has run a corporation since 1978, building it up from a measly $12 million operation to the Goliath it is today.  Sterling did this by running a tight ship and he also hired mostly African-Americans, showing that he is clearly not a racist.

But today’s liberal media loves a villain and they have targeted Sterling.  It is just plain horrible to see what the radical left-wing Zealots will do to a good, Judeo-Christian values man like Sterling when they find a weakness they can exploit.  It is troubling that Sterling had to reveal his personal medical information to the public so that he will hopefully stop being victimized.

Sterling wanted recordings made so he could hear them later when he forgot his important conversation or business dealings.  It is sad that his supposed secretary confused him and then made him say ugly things, they played the tapes for the Nancy-gossips over at TMZ to just excitedly touch themselves all over as they played them for the public.

With this new evidence in the light of justice, Adam Silver must do the right thing and allow Sterling to attend his games again.  He should be able to live out his life in peace, while he still has a somewhat functioning memory left in him.  The Clippers should remain in Sterling’s capable hands and finally, Magic Johnson should resign for targeting a man with a serious medical condition and flogging it out in front of the public.