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If The Earth is Round, How Do People on the Bottom Not Fall Off?

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is the Earth really round?

To the indoctrinated, that question may seem silly and quite easy to answer.  Of course it is!  For over 200 years now, humanity has been indoctrinated to only believe what they see.  The so called ’empirical’ movement has blinded everyone to matters of faith and God, a world that allows you to see beyond what is in front of your very limited eyes.

Sure, when NASA sends highly magnificent pictures of the Earth taken from space, it appears to have a spherical shape.  When we see a globe sitting on the fireplace mantle in our living room, we are hardwired to think that ‘this is exactly what Earth looks like’ and fall into the scientific trap of thinking concrete, not abstract.

But here is the truth on the matter.  The Earth is not perfectly round, at least not in reality.

The Earth you are used to seeing with your simple human eyes is not the same Earth that actually exists in your Creator’s eyes.  The Earth is far more complex than you could ever believe.  And when you realize this, you will literally have to sit and wonder ‘if the Earth is round, how do people on the bottom not fall off?’


The gravitational pull of the earth has been mapped in this new geoid image from the GOCE satellite - with the yellows and red indicating a strong pull, while the blues show less gravity

To the spiritual eye, this is just a portion of what the Earth actually looks like.  This shows the Earths’ gravitational pull fields, all of which exist and help not only keep us held in place as we jet around the Sun, but also helps keep the moon at bay, satellites in orbit.  Did you know that even you have a gravitational field such as this, for your body?

[adsense]Everything that God created has a gravitational field, and there is no scientist or person of no faith who can argue otherwise and be right.

The Earth’s magnetic field also protects us from solar winds.

As you can see, the Earth is far more than a little blue ball floating in a sparkle ridden sea of gules.  The Earth is a divine creation, a place where life has sparked up and is protected by an…aura…of love and splendor that defies science and what those without faith would have you believe.

Here in my office alone, many of my colleagues mock my work and do no believe they can fall off the face of the Earth.

They can fall off Earth and you can too.  Right now, you are being held by this ‘ignored’ part of Earth, whisping about the universe at incredible speeds.

But your motion on Earth is the sum of many vectors, each one of them having a potential to send you flinging through the cosmos in the vector’s direction at the moment the Earth, say, experienced a sudden decrease in velocity.

To explain it in layman’s term, look at the image of the vectors here:

At any one moment, the red lines ended by an arrow represent what would happen to you if the Earth suddenly slowed down or God snapped his fingers and made Earth look how immoral scientists have tried to brainwash you to believe it looked.  If it were but a simple ball of blue, there would be nothing on it.  But because of its true condition, you don’t go flying off on one of those tangents.

And the same can be said of our body.  Some scientists want you to believe that you are just flesh and blood, a simple creature that has nothing more to it than meets the eye.  But some day, your spiritual immoral soul will come flying off your body.  Your corporeal gravitational pull field will cease to exist and when that happens, where will you soul go flying off too.  My hope is that it is will be an eternity in heavenly bliss.

Until next time my good readers, keep the faith and take care of yourself and each other.