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Extremely High Fog Levels in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China – Authorities in Shanghai were forced to order schoolchildren indoors.  All construction and outdoor activity in the major city came to a standstill, as smog reached unprecedented levels.  Some foreign nationals traveling the country reported to internet social community, detailing the inability to see more than four or five feet in front of one’s face.

Locals report that their lungs burn when they go outside.  Parents are afraid to let their children go outside, thick clouds of yellow smog often causing sever coughs, headaches and asthma-like symptoms to those who spend more than a few minutes outside, breathing in the toxic air.

Harmful air quality is measured in a unit called PM and according to the World Health Organization, the particulate matter reached a level of over 600 micrograms per cubic meter.   The WHO safety guidelines recommend that no nation have a PM higher than 25 micrograms per cubic meter.