Family In Tears After Finding Steamy Content On Nintendo 3DS This Christmas

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Shocked parents John and Monica O’Shay relive grief of learning that the Nintendo 3DS can bring uncouth material to the fingertips, in 3d.

Topeka, KS - For the O’Shay family, this Christmas was to be one for the ages. With their new home they were to be the hosts for all family this holiday season, serving double as a family reunion. With two decorated trees surrounded by wonderfully wrapped gifts, three turkeys roasted to perfection and grandma playing old carols on the piano, it seemed like a picturesque Christmas that any family would love.

But all of this came to a screeching halt after John O’Shay found something unreal on his son’s new 3ds. “At first, I could not believe my eyes. Monica and I had taken time to make sure the kids only had safe titles for the new gaming system, but we did not know it had internet. And we surely did not know that it could show…that…in 3d.”

John was busy cleaning up spent Christmas wrappings when Monica mused, “looks like all the kids are off playing with the new 3DS systems”.  In all, O’Shay family bought 5 of Nintendo’s landmark handheld gaming systems so that their ‘children could play together, even when miles apart’.

When several calls to the teenaged kids to come back to the Great Room to sing Christmas songs and have desert went unanswered, John jogged upstairs to see what was holding them up.  “My oldest boy, a freshman at Washburn University, was wide-eyed when I walked in”,  John reported.

Knowing something was wrong, John saw only the 3DS in his son’s hands and a look of equal guilt on his other cousin’s face, a college junior at East Tennessee State University.  Taking one of the 3DS devices, John O’Shay was given a rude taste of technology of the modern age:  everything can now be in-your-face 3D.

“I would think that after 18-years of no problems like this, we could trust video game companies not to give our kids access to things like this.  We have never had a problemw with Nintendo before, but now we see it is giving our kids ability and the urge to see things that will ruin the mind.”  Monica O’Shay fought through tears to relive the moment her husband showed what was being displayed on the gaming units.

The shock faced by the O’Shay family is likely one you are to find to, if you check the internet or picture history of your child’s gaming system.  The 3DS also gives people the ability to take live photos in 3D, then share them with every person in the world.  Do you really want your wife or daughter snapping intimate pictures of themselves, then sending them out to random people on Facebook or email?

You would think this could not happen, but then again remember the horrors being realized by the O’Shay family.  The digital age is here, but social responsibility and morality is not here to provide the necesssary blockades for this technology.  Only internet sites that pass a moral standard, and images that go through a sort of robotic photo filter, should be allowed to be shared.  Internet should not be available on such powerful 3D devices, for as we see, it can lead to corruption of the innocent.

With a bitter and embarrassing Christmas behind them, the O’Shay family is standing strong and speaking out against 3D explicit gaming, videos and photo sharing.  The Oshays are forming an action committee to petition Congress to action to raise awareness of this new threat to familial morality, at time of report.



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