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Fascist Governor Christ Christie Outlaws Halloween in October

For kids in New Jersey, there will be no Halloween fun or sweet tooths being satisfied.  Instead, Halloween 2012 will be the beginning of tyranny and fascism for these young kids, the day when they lost their innocense and realized the power elite of America ruin everything in their ‘pauper’ lives.

In the image at left, Governor Chris Christie points and laughs at a group of middle school children who came to hear him speak. The children did not know Christie planned to destroy Halloween by moving it into November, where it will be too cold to ‘Trick or Treat’ and Christie can mass buy discounted, unused candy for himself at super cheap rates.

We all know Christie is a glutton, but to ruin a great American holiday for children is lower than low. Christie truly wants to have his cake and eat it too, but now at the behest of children. When will America say enough of politicians like this pot bellied pig?