Fascist Sam Brownback Tries to Gut Democrat Judges from Kansas Politics

Matthias Brandenberg
• TopekasNews
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Not to be oudone by his legitimate colleagues in Washington, Sam Brownback has launched yet another sheisty scheme to make Kansas politics just that much more corrupt.

This time around, Brownback is trying to mold the Kansas Judicial System into something that fits his agenda of fascism. As being heavily discussed on CJonline.com, there is a voting measure on the November 6th ballot that would allow Kansas residents to foolishly set short, finite term limits for judges.

In essence, this opens up the possibility of a governor — like Brownback — to ouster any political enemy he may make in the judicial system. As is the tradition in America, judges should remain in office for life, barring any circumstance that prevents them from adequately performing their crucial duty for our society.

Judges have to be able to act without fear or intimidation. They must exist in a state where they do not have to worry about pandering to political parties to gain support. Setting term limits and need for a judge ‘re-election’ or worse, re-appointment at the whim of a sitting governor, destroys a precious balance that we have in America. Just imagine what would happen if Obama could fire the entire Supreme Court right now?

While “Obamacare” effectively passed 5-4, that could easily swing 9-0. Imagine that damage Romney and a Republican house could do in 2012, should they be able to cherry-pick a full roster of Supreme Court justices that deal with Roe v Wade how they want, among myriad other issues.

I’d think such a topic would be beyond needing mention to the fine people of Kansas, but you guys are the state that seriously took some knucklehead’s proposal to drop Obama from the campaign ballot if he did not turn up a copy of that danged birth certificate to everyone’s mailbox. And that’s just embarrasing. For once, Kansas, do not be knuckleheads and let your governor pimp your political interests.

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