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Florida Man Celebrates Thanksgiving By Inviting Himself to Stranger’s Family Dinner, Threatening To Take Their Home After The Meal

Naples, Florida –  A Naples family is in shock today after inviting a older man into their home to share Thanksgiving Dinner.

Edward and Monica Clarke, of Naples, went to a local store before it closed to purchase a few more bottles of eggnog for their family dinner.  Outside the store, the Clarke’s allegedly ran into an elderly man wearing torn clothing and appearing to be homeless.

“He had a certain gentleness to his eyes, and when he asked us if we could ‘Do an old homeless veteran a favor, and let him eat dinner with a loving family one last time before he died’ there was not much more to say,” Edward Clarke reported to the Naples Daily Review.

The family invited the man to their large family feast without incident.  Between greeting  all the family and breaking bread with them, the Clarke’s reported the man seemed to be in really good spirits and very happy.

As they finished desert, the man stood up and said he wanted to make a toast.  Edward Clarke reports tearing up, ‘expecting to hear a speech and feeling really good about inviting this man to share in our home’.

The man suddenly yelled out loud, “I am now going to kill you all and take your beautiful home!  It is my Manifest Destiny to have it all!”

Shocked, Edward Clarke stood up and was ready to confront the man, along with his brothers and several in-laws.  Before an altercation took place, the man yelled again, “Wait, wait!  I am a professor of sociology and just wanted to teach your youngsters here a lesson’.

“You see, while this day is being celebrated as a good family holiday, which it is, it is not so innocent.  We should also remember that our country destroyed countless families and Thanksgiving is a very hypocritical holiday under that light.  We stole from the very people who purportedly helped us have the first, very happy, Thanksgiving,” the older man said, never identifying at which school he taught.

The old man then excused himself outside and produced a cellular phone from his pocket.

“A Mercedes Kompressor picked him up,” Edward Clarke reported.  “He definitely was not homeless.”