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Florida Man Shoots Cop In the Leg, Claims Stand Your Grand Law Defense


Pensacola, Florida – A Florida man named Kennan Finkelstein is facing charges after shooting a sheriff’s deputy in the leg.  According to court reports, Finkelstein is invoking ‘Stand Your Grand” law as justification for shooting the cop in the leg.

The backstory started in the Scenic Hills area of Pensacola.  A robbery victim called the local police, claiming that someone stole his handgun and marijuana.  Police responded to the call at 8800 block of Burning Tree Road and cased the area, looking for a run-away suspect.

A Sheriff’s Deputy named Sgt. Shedrick Johnson searched on foot and used a tree as cover when thought he tracked down the would be suspect.   Other police started to converge on the spot, which the robbery victim claimed a possible location for the vandal in question.

Other officers were closing in on the house when Finkelstein, unaware of the situation, casually strolled out from the garage.  Sgt. Johnson suddenly jumped out from his hiding spot behind a tree.  Shocked and scared, Finkelstein pulled out his gun and fired, shooting officer Johnson in the leg.

Sources cite that Finkelstein’s attorney, Brandon Moros, maintains the deputy never identified himself and that Johnson jumped out of the shadows.  If this is true, under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law Finkelstein is entitled to defend himself on his property as he could feel his life was in danger.

Finkelstein’s defense could be strengthened by the fact that he took a shot at the leg, not anywhere as vital such as the head or chest.  Witness testimony will conclude Friday.  Experts expect county law officials to claim Johnson did identify himself before jumping out of his hiding spot to confront Finkelstein, which analysts actually find unlikely.

A Florida judge will decide if the charges against Finkelstein can be dropped on Friday or if he will allow the case to proceed to criminal trial.