Flying Car Finally Here, Released in 2015 and Can Launch from Traffic Jam Vertically

2015 flying car

[adsense]For years, the world has been promised a flying car. During the 1990s, pop-star Michael Jackson allegedly dropped $15 million USD to assure he would be the first person on Earth to drive the first passenger and road legal flying car. In 2015, the first flying car will be ready for testing and application for the US roadways.

Massachusetts company Terrafugia has released plans for the 2015 TF-X.  The car features a sedan body and fold-up wings, allowing it to be driven on normal roads.  When the owner is ready to take to the air, the car can take-off vertically, unfurl its wings and then use jet-grade engine to go airborne.  The car is in its transition design phase and is expected for consumer retail in 2015, as mentioned.

The following video shows the car in action. Its main feature, of course, is its ability to take off vertically and get you out of a traffic jam, or annoying driver. People in snow-bound winter states would probably also appreciate not having to drive on iced-down roads on clear days after a huge winter storm.

[pro-player width=’550′ height=’450′ type=’video’ image=’http://topekasnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ShockMansion102.jpg’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SqmILVE7nPQ[/pro-player]