Four out of Five Women Inexplicably Turned On By This Picture of Daniel Radcliffe with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Mike Goldberg
• TopekasNews
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe are known to have quite the solid following of devoted fans in their own right, so let their powers combine and you can imagine, the result is a lot of screaming and panting from the devoted.

What’s shocking here is that according to a self-purported neuroscientist on, any woman who became enamored by Harry Potter or Gordon-Levitt’s “Robin” on The Dark Knight Rises will have an aroused response to seeing the image up above.  It is explained that by baring their teeth, as we see in the photo, the men are ‘displaying traits of an alpha-male’.  When mixed with their celebrity, many women apparently cannot contain themselves and have a mating response, just by the visual stimuli we see here.  Two dominant males who they never thought they could meet are suddenly showing themselves ‘in the throes of passion’ and therefore, the body has the response.

I personally do not subscribe to that theory at all, but on, over 2,024 upvotes indicate that this is taking place right now.  If you have any female Dark Knight Rises or Harry Potter fans in your proxy, show them this image and judge their response.  If they bite the lip, stare for more than a few seconds or outright get turned on, report it.

On another note, I am not really into the entire Harry Potter movie series or book series for that matter.  From the bits and pieces I have read, it is very good and it definitely has quite a respectable fan base.  One cannot have anything but respect for the charitable and smart J.K. Rowling.  But from what I know of the end of the story, Hermione did not end up with Harry Potter?  It seems somewhat, silly, that the title characters do not develop an expected relationship.

Sure, some argue that Harry and Hermione were supposed to be more of a sibling relationship, but from every scene I have read or watched, it seems quite the opposite.  Why build up a romance and then just ignore it?  Maybe it was to make young women who associated with Hermione pine for Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) even more, since they could never have their vicarious avatar have him on film or in prose.  Another clever move by Rowling?

On subject, how about this consideration for Harry Potter:


That thought being put out there, I’ll give Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s recent work a look.  I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises’ voice work.  Bane’s voice was simply great and perfect.  If you can imagine Sean Connery (Celebrity Jeopardy! version) and William Shatner, giving a hulking-masked menace voice lessons, you can see the inspiration.

Bane’s accent is smug and Scottish, each phrased parsed out as if it says “Selah” after every few lines in the script.  And as you think about Bane’s prior lines, you then get the finish.  Take the following, for instance:

Catwoman: I had no choice. I needed a way to keep them from killing me.
Batman: You just made a serious mistake.
Bane: Not as serious as yours (Selah)


I fear…
Batman: Bane
Bane: Let us not stand on ceremony, Mr. Wayne.

It is just a smart way of portraying Bane, as a space-faring captain with a smug Scottish confidence.  But the problem in the movie is small in presentation, but big in laziness.  We all know Christopher Nolan is a no nonsense type of guy, so didn’t want Batsuits with chest saucers running about his set.  But did he and Bale go too far with the Robin embargo?

It is next to sacrilege to put Batman in a position of 8 years worthlessness and not to really show him off in his title film, but to conveniently have whatever agent tell Levitt “you should really use your middle name more, Robin.” is lame.

Seriously, the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to stand there while that sloppy writing bit played out is a crime against humanity and a very good actor.  Why not have Arnold Schwarzenegger show up in a cameo in the film, just to give it some more chutzpah.  He could be dangerously addicted to Mr. Freeze pops and during childhood, his friends would always call him “Mr. Freeze” and that name stuck, even all the way through his NFL career.  When he was flying back from a championship victory, his wife who he slighted for their anniversary (same day) had a near-life ending accident.  He has to use cryogenics to keep her alive.

“Mr. Freeze” is borne, of a childhood nickname.  Seriously, Nolan, no more of that nonsense in your movies.  Either put in the characters, or don’t. At any rate, women are turned on by the initial image and sense you cannot really get much better than Arnold Schwarzenegger eating a freeze pop while Bane, Batman, “Robin” and Harry Potter discuss the finer points of life and modern films, that’s all for today.


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