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Fox News Host Now Says Grinch Is Black, “Because He Steals Christmas”

fox news megyn kelly
fox news megyn kelly

Not content with saying Jesus and Santa are white and anyone who thinks otherwise is ‘delusional’, Fox News continued to shock America by accusing the ‘Grinch’ of being black, “because he steals Christmas.”

[adsense]The Grinch, the famed titular character of ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’, was summarily named by Fox News as a ‘blatantly black character’ because he ‘goes around and robs people of their hard earned presents and homeware.’

“Think about,” said Megyn Kelly, “all the Whos in Whoville are very fair-skinned, blonde haired good people.  They live in peace and harmony, using their hard earned money to show the real meaning of Christmas by wrapping presents for Jesus’ birthday.”

Shocked reactions on Twitter immediately escalated during this entire tirade.  The segment continued, “The Grinch abuses a dog, just making Michael Vick proud and moist in the loins, and then forces the dog to help him rob all those nice conservative blonde families who just want to celebrate Christ’s birth with gifts.  Now tell me if that doesn’t sound like a Dante or Jamaal illegally roaming your neighborhood!”

Fox News then cut to a segment defending Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s ‘use of first amendment rights’ to say unfavorable things about gay people.