France To Propose Resolution To Disarm Syrian Chemical Weapon Arsenal

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English: Brasilia - The president of the Syria...

English: Brasilia – The president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad, stands accused by President Barack Obama of possibly using chemical weapons on citizens of Syria.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Several days ago Senator John Kerry suggested that if Syria got rid of its chemical weapons, then the US may consider not attacking the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.  Russia one-upped the suggestion, making an official statement to the Assad regime mirroring Kerry’s comments, suggesting that if Syria were to turn over all nuclear weapons to Russia, it would be enough of an action to avert military action by the United States.

France is to propose an official expansion on Russia’s offer, the difference being Syria would comply with a resolution produced by the United Nations Security Council.  Syria would allow inspectors to come into the nation, to review suspected stores of chemical weapons.  Syria would then submit their weapons to the UN, allowing inspectors to extract them all from the country and then vow to never use the weapons again.  France is expected to announce the official resolution before the UN Security Council today.

The proposal comes after the G20 summit, where Russia again made its disdain for President Barack Obama’s plan to attack Syria known.  Obama is not gaining momentum in America either, where a war-weary Congress and US public do not seem to support or back the president’s desire to ‘uphold standards’ on the international scene and punish the Assad regime for alleged use of chemical weapons on the citizens of Syria.  Under international law, use of chemical weapons on a civilian populace is a violation of human rights.

While Bashar al-Assad has not given official response to the proposals, it is widely speculated that Syria would comply with UN demands and most likely work with Russia in dismantling their chemical weapon’s cache.

When UN inspectors attempted to enter Syria nearly one month ago, their convoy had to flee as it was quickly attacked by snipers.


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