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Fred Phelps SR Near Death in Hospice, Ex-Communicated From Westboro Baptist Church

CBS is reporting Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is currently in hospice care and near death, as detailed in a Facebook post by a family member of the church’s former leader. Former is in high context here, because according to the post from CBS the church ex-communicated Fred Phelps several years ago. Speculation as to what caused such a motion, is true, is up for discussion on various online forums.

The church has gained notoriety in media for its brand of faith. Pastor Phelps and the church also upset many people nationwide during protests and pickets of media. Hacktivist group 4-chan directly attacked a website associated with the church, generating national headlines in the process.

Fred Phelps is in his 80s and many LGBT communities are abuzz with the news.