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Fukushima Hamster Lion Latest Hybrid Mutant to Wow Social Media



Saiboya, Russia – A reader from Russia sent me this image, stating that the creature is yet another mutant hybrid that is popping up around Earth.   This particular mutant was purportedly featured in several Russian papers and is being researched at a decontamination facility in Moscow. I cannot verify the veracity of this photograph as I have done others, but the picture does provide an excellent opportunity to once again delve into the topic of nuclear energy.

As humans, we have a responsibility to be stewards of good will toward all life on this planet.  We are the dominant and supposedly intelligent species.  Within our hands, we hold the power of protecting all precious life on this planet.  When we create an energy source that can destroy or mutate billions of years of evolution, we need to think twice about how we use it and if we should use it.

The disaster in Fukushima is a great travesty for the people in the region, the people to be affected and all plants and animals affected to.  The effects of the disaster are not even fully realized yet.