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Fukushima Mutant Reindeer Has Red Nose, Just Like Rudolph

fukushima rudolph 2
fukushima rudolph 2

Nobo, Japan – Just in time for the holidays, a mutant red-nose reindeer has been found outside the town of Nobo, Japan.  Officials state that the reindeer represents a ‘Christmas Miracle’ and already today, thousands of Japanese locals and tourists are flocking to see the reindeer.

[adsense]Tokyo’s Kowomisha TV reports that the deer’s glowing red nose is a result of Fukushima radiation.  Scientists speculate that in the cold months in the higher altitudes of Japan, runoff heavy water from the Fukushima nuclear plant tragedy is still more irradiated, causing major mutations in the local fauna.

Several members of Japanese media, including news anchor Kami Shanochan, took photo-ops with the very ‘gentle, almost docile’ reindeer who was first spotted by several American and Australian businessmen tracking the herd of deer for sport.

fukushima rudolph 3 “I had the [red-nosed reindeer] 5-pointer in my scope, ready to take it out. He was a loner and it wasn’t until he came from behind a thicket of trees, that his nose lit up. I was shocked and just dropped my rifle. It was beautiful.  It was a Christian Christmas miracle.  I says to my friends, I says we can’t hunt this.  So we shot another member of its pack, without a special miracle nose gift from Christ,” said American hunter Jace Baldwin.

“Jesus wanted the red nose one to live this Christmas, I bet.”

Kenzo Lee, a friend of the hunter, uploaded the picture at right to his Twitter and Instagram.  Social media in Japan immediately lit afire, with a television crew taking a helicopter to the area to confirm the image after exchanging tweets with Lee.  Following the media frenzy, scientists were equally shocked and clamoring to find the giant Fukushima reindeer.

Professor Sabai Takei-Asokan, of the University of Tokyo, expressed urgency in monitoring the deer, “Whenever one observes a creature who does not typically express a phenotypic bioluminescene, one immediately has cause of concern about the creature manisfesting radiation poisoning.  We were concerned this deer that was in close proxy to people could be radioactive and irradiating those reporters and crowd in proxy to it.”

Researchers obtained government permits to tranquilize and bag the red-nosed deer, which they immediately flew back to the University of Tokyo.  Advanced nuclear scanning revealed a very interesting find:

fukushima rudolph 4

Photo Credit:  University of Tokyo, Fukushima red nose reindeer confirmation  study.

Thermal scans revealed that the deer’s nose was ‘very warm, far more warm than any other members of this species’ the detailed analysis from University of Tokyo revealed.  “Furthermore,” the study cites, “the Rangifer tarandu subject of this study is not expressing live radiation, but rather mutation caused by heavy radiation exposure, with half-life patterns indicating it is related to the recent Fukushima nuclear event.”

Scientists could find no reason to hold the reindeer, so decided to tag it and return it to its herd in the Akaishi Mountains.  

fukushima rudolph 6

Back to its herd, the world’s first truly red nose deer will be monitored by an international team of scientists.  Concern of where it was exposed to a heavy dosing of Fukushima radiation remains.  But in the meantime, many Christians worldwide are considering the deer’s appearance a ‘clear Christmas miracle’.

fukushima rudolph 1