Gamers HQ Topeka Has Best Prices For Used Video Games, And A Frickin’ Lounge

One problem for modern used and new game stores is that they lack personality.  Sure, they have great titles and old systems ready for you, but they really lack that feeling of community.  This is where a new Topeka store, Gamers HQ, can fill a much-needed niche in the community and set a great standard for the video gaming world.

Is that a game lounge in a video game store? Rumors abound that Gamers HQ will host massively fun video game tournaments where the most excellent Smash Brothers, HALO, and so on players will be crowned queen or king.

As most new used video game stores, Gamers HQ is building up an arsenal of classic systems, nostalgia titles you will love and what will immediately catch your eye, probably some of the best prices in town.   According to several customers who have shopped at Topeka’s newest used video game store, the owners also allow you to even  ‘play before you pay’ on titles, doubly ensuring you’re not buying a botched game before you get all the way home to just bring it back.

With its great prices and a growing choice of titles, this store sounds pretty good and like it will compete well in our gamer’s market.  Great, but what really sets Gamers HQ apart?   Where most stores will leave the shopper’s experience to variety and selection, it seems Gamers HQ is bound to pick up the pace and build up a legion of loyals fans, customers and regulars because its more features to quality selection, prices and customer service.

Many businesses of today do lack personality, a way for the customer to feel a sense of being somewhere special and unique while getting what they want for a great value.  The owners behind Gamers HQ are students of lifestyle, because the features being built into this business have the video gaming customer in mind.

Video Game Arcade

Gamers enjoy some Gauntlet Secrets at Topeka’s only functioning video game arcade.  Will the ever popular Dance-Dance eventually make an appearance at Gamers HQ?  Who knows, but when you have old school karate, a chance to shoot some zombies and more it really doesn’t matter. (Image Source – Facebook, Gamers HQ)

The only greater circa 1980s gaming experience you could get is Space Invaders.

Check out Gamers HQ for yourself and make sure to become a fan of the Gamers HQ facebook page.