Gay Arizona Couple Sprayed With Water Hose, Chased After Dining At “Straights Only” Restaurant

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews

Phoenix, Arizona – Shocking anti-gay Jim Crow horror stories continue to take place in Arizona.  The most recent victims of America’s newest institution of shame is a married couple who recently moved from New York to Arizona.  43-year-old Giovanni and his husband, 39-year-old Sebastian, both of New York, moved to Arizona in a career move involving web development.

Only several months into their ‘life-changing’ move to Arizona, the couple is in a state of complete awe, shock and horror after falling victim to gay discrimination. “We were eating at a small restaurant named Big Harold’s Mac Diner just outside Phoenix,” Giovanni reported.  ”Never in a million years did we think something like this could happen in America.  As a kid, I remember watching videos from the Civil Rights era, just about a decade before I was born.  I never knew I would go through those same trials and tribulations as those courageous people back then.”

Several regulars at the restaurant allegedly took offense after Giovanni and Sebastian held hands over their candlelight dinner, taking in an intimate moment after a hectic day.  All seemed normal until the restaurant’s manager came up to the couple, “He (the manager) said, ‘Excuse me’, ” Giovanni reported.  ”This is a family-friendly restaurant and holding hands is violating out customer’s Christian right to have a dinner without exposing their children to homosexual lifestyle.  I am very sorry to bother you, but will you please stop holding hands,” Giovanni teared up as he recalled the manager’s words. “I new Sebas was not going to take that lightly,” Giovanni said with a smirk on his face.

Feeling offended, Sebastian reached across the table and lightly kissed his spouse on the lips.  Several customers let out audible sighs and one mother rushed off toward a restroom, pulling one child by the hand and shielding the eyes of a toddler in her arms with her free hand.  ”My family believes in God!”  The woman’s husband looked on in shock as she ran into a restroom with her kids.

“We could not believe the response.  But we refused to leave this restaurant, we refused to be chased away from a place where we have the right to be treated with equal, Civil rights,” stated Giovanni. After several more tense moments with the restaurant manager and eventually owner asking the couple to leave, a security officer on duty entered the restaurant and told the couple they would need to leave or face arrest.  ”At that point, it was just not worth it.  We did not want them calling for reinforcement and laying us out like common criminals when cops arrived.”

The couple stepped outside the restaurant but were still in plain sight of several customers seated inside.  ”I’m not sure how it happened or when, but suddenly from around the corner, a strong gust of water knocked  caught (Sebastian) and myself off guard.  I struggled to breath and saw several people holding a water hose.  The pressure was so strong I thought it must hooked to a fire hydrant.”

Shielding themselves from the water, the couple ran to their car and took off from the restaurant.  They are speaking to their attorney and also planning to move back to New York.  ”It is just a shock that in one country, just by traveling a few miles in a certain direction, you can go from a city wear people have common sense, to this sort of evil.  I guess this is what it was like to travel back ‘North for Freedom’ in the slave days,” Giovanni stated.

The owner of the mac’ and cheese hotspot did not return several calls for interview.

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