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What If ‘Gay People’ Are Part of God’s Plan, To Test If The Christians Really Do Love One Another?


My name is Pastor Matt Lavine and I have just one simple question for humanity today:  can we all learn to love one another?

Only a day since the passing of Nelson Mandela, an oft times controversial figure who ultimately stood for an important lesson in equality, we live in a world that has made impressive strides over the last 100 years.

We have seen the rise of tyrannical leaders bent on the eradication of a people.  We have witnessed the emancipation of a people, not just from the shackles of slavery, but societal constructs meant to institutionalize a new form of suppression in the form of Jim Crow, voter fraud and other underhanded schema meant to dehumanize and scandalize the decency every person should be awarded.

But through all those things, progress prevailed.  Genocidal dictators were subdued, racial bias is constantly thwarted by law and societal norm and we are seeing more gender equality in this world.  But there is one thing that still really troubles me:  why are the shackles of oppression still bound so tightly to the notion of gay marriage?

It seems trivial to me at this point, that our great nation cannot accept that a man may love a man, or a woman a woman.

While such a topic should be left to the personal responsibility of every adult, in my heart I feel that it is the responsibility of every person who claims their life is dictated by morality and Christ-like ways to be accepting and open to one concept:  treat people with respect.

If someone chooses a gay lifestyle, they deserve respect and dignity.  At with that respect and dignity that is a basic human right, why would a person not have the right to happily spend their life with another man or woman they love with their heart?

Equality needs to have a term applied to it in this country:  agape love.  The word ‘agape’ is Koine Greek, expressing the concept of unconditional love that should permeate every sentient being in this world.  When we hear of the Golden Rule, ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourself’ in classic mantra, we are hearing that concept invoked.

Love each other, respect each other, protect each other, and enjoy life with each other, unconditionally.  When we can understand and embrace this concept as a people, we will find that humanity can do great things.  A world divided is a world without purpose and division.  A world working together, as we can see, can reach unto the stars and beyond.

So to answer the opening question, please receive this:

We are just all normal fuc**ing people.  Play nice.  Life is too short to not love and respect each other.