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George Zimmerman: I’m President Obama’s Scapegoat, I’m the Victim of a Miscarriage of Justice

George Zimmerman is now accusing President Obama of bullying him and making his life miserable.   On Monday, Zimmerman had the temerity to accuse President Obama and the United States government of making him a ‘scapegoat’.  According to Zimmerman, there is no reason why Obama and company should have any reason to be so mean to him.

Zimmerman went on to say that the entire Trayvon Martin trial was a ‘miscarriage of justice’ against himself.   He feels that during and after the Trayvon Martin trial, he has faced unfair treatment at the hands of the US media, the US public and the US government.

In an interview, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Zimmerman to elaborate.  “A scapegoat for [what]?” Cuomo asked Zimmerman.

Zimmerman responded, “The government, the president, the attorney general, I don’t know what they’re thinking or why they’re thinking it, all I know is that they’re doing it. I don’t know what agenda they have.”

Zimmerman is hoping to attend law school, which may be why he’s trying a celebrity boxing tournament to raise money for himself.  Zimmerman elaborated, “I would like to professionally continue my education and hopefully become an attorney. I think that’s the best way to stop the miscarriage of justice that happened to me from happening to somebody else. I don’t think it should happen to anyone ever again, not one person.”