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George Zimmerman Sells This American Flag Painting for $100,000, But Did He Rip The Image from Shutterstock?

All-‘merican George Zimmerman is yet again in the headlines.  This guy is better than the Kardashians, Snooki and Lindsay Lohan combined in finding absurd ways to keep his ‘celebrity’ name out there.  Though if we eventually get George Zimmernan upskirt photos, I am bailing out of the media business for good.

That said, today’s story finds George Zimmerman on Ebay, where he sold his first painting for now over $100,000.oo.   You cannot make this stuff up.  Perhaps inspired by George W. Bush, we see the Zimmer has quite the artistic brush.  These paints are just normal house paints, to boot:

Zimmerman is looking pro there, with this painting.  But our friends over at Mediaite bring up a good question.  Doesn’t that flag behind the cleverly placed text look like a Page 1 Search result for a US flag:

Now, it really does look like it could be a trace and of course this is being scrutinized because us mean liberal media types are sour over the entire Trayvon Martin trial.