Giant Fukushima Sea Slug Washes Up In Vietnam, Attacks Several Villagers

David A Hearst II
• TopekasNews
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fukushima sea slug

Amid hurried screams and panic, a giant dinosaur-like sea slug emerged from the ocean and onto dry land in Vietnam, instantly phagocytizing two fisherman unaware its approach.  Villagers hurried down to the slug, where makeshift hand weapons purportedly ‘sunk into its body without much effect’.

The Vietnamese government called in Japanese scientists and soldiers stationed at the Japanese embassy, who quickly obtained samples from the sea slug.  Copious amounts of Fukushima radiation where found within its body and jelly-like matrix had an unstable ‘hard, acidic’ quality to it, but also ‘has a nutritive, placenta like factor to it’ according to reports.

Some observers speculated at first that the creature may have been a beached whale, but closer inspection of it by several wildlife officials confirm the classification of ‘whale for this creature does not match records for any other known whale species on file by international definitions and database for the creature.  With the phenotypic features as of now, this creature simply does not exist’.

As we look upon this creature, we must remember the greater story here:  nuclear radiation.

As we traverse this brave new century, we must turn away from the errors of our ways from the last.  War, famine, inequality, Reaganomics:  all of these things are dastardly and horrible.  But even more dangerous than all these things, is the very thing that drove the Cold War and brought humanity to the brink of total destruction.  It is the one thing that can destabilize our current planet politics and the one thing that can cause widespread mutation like we’ve seen this past year.

Nuclear radiation.

We must find alternative sources of energy and fuel.  We must turn away from atomic energy.  We must protect Earth and life as we know it.

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