Giant Mekong River Stingray Shocks Social Media, Has An Evolved Human Face


 Some locals immediately fell and worshiped the captured Mekong River stingray mutant, while others fled its all-knowing eyes and mouth that chanted in an ancient Vietnamese tongue.  The latest mutant borne of Fukushima radiation has officials scrambling to figure out just how extensively changed flora and fauna have become in the post Fukushima-disaster communities of Asia.

[adsense]  Mekong, Vietnam – A giant river stingray is making headlines in the Mekong River Valley.  Being pulled ashore by a group of astonished fisherman in the small village of Mekong, Vietnam, the giant stingray is now being held in captivity at a classified government facility near Tokyo, Japan.

Villagers in the region first became wary of the giant beast after a boat full of seasoned fisherman were found eviscerated, one survivor returning to his village wide-eyed and severely bludgeoned.   Before he succumbed to injuries, the fisherman told the story of a ‘river monster of a smug human face, a fleeting tail and a weird language’.

Locals are referring to the creature as the cá đuối con người của sông xưa in Vietnamese, which roughly translates to ‘human stingray of the river ancient’.  According to local folklore, at a time of great change in human history, ‘a great beast born of man’s pollutions will rise from the ancient river, to signal the coming of a new age of dark and light, triumph and destruction’.

The ominous prophesy lead locals to call in international trappers to capture the ancient stingray, which with coordination with Japanese Imperial Navy and American Navy maritime assistance in tracking, they were able to do without killing the beast.


“When we pulled the stingray from the water, it immediately starting shouting commands. ‘Thả tôi ra! Thả tôi ra! Đen Manta nguyền rủa bạn!'”, reports Dan Snyder, of the US naval team assisting with the operation.

“We all jumped back from the netting. It was surreal. ‘Thả tôi ra! Thả tôi ra! Đen Manta nguyền rủa bạn!’ it continually chanted in a commanding tone.”

Snyder reveals that a nearby local, frozen in fear, eventually whispered a translation. Before confirming the words with the Japanese and American troops in proxy, the translator quickly ran away, not looking back.

Since time of report, details about the creature reveal that it is showing radioactive signatures consistent with Fukushima radiation and scientists speculate that its bizarre human face, abilities of speech and small lung-sacs, allowing it to survive outside water, are all new-age mutations that we can blame on nuclear energy.

The video below shows the Mekong River Mutant Stingray taunting frightened locals several days before it was captured by joint US-Japanese forces.