Giant Venomous Fukushima Huntsman Spider On Loose in UK, Carrying Huge Egg Sac

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  • Nora Serrat found the spider after returning from two weeks in Cameroon where she was working for charity the Rainforest Foundation UK
  • The creature, which has been known to prey on scorpions and even bats, was described by a charity representative as ‘feisty’
  • After charity workers caught it in a cardboard box it was taken to the Zoological Society of London, where it again esacped

A terrifying photograph shows a giant Fukushima irradiated spider that slipped into the luggage of a charity worker in Cameroon.  Officials believe the giant, mutant spider is responsible for a spree of biting attacks that has left several residents of Vake of the White Horse, Oxfordshire, struggling for life at local hospitals.

The worker purportedly found the giant spider hiding in one of her bags.  When she opened the heavy bag, she was shocked to see the giant arachnid hiding within.

This is the giant venomous spider that a charity worker accidentally brought to the UK from Cameroon

Friends of charity worker took last second photograph of giant spider before fleeing the room where it sprang from luggage.

The charity worker naturally shrieked and jump back, with her friends trembling beside her as the spider emerged and viciously shot a barrage of liquid toward them.  The spider then began to aggressively spin a web of  ’liquid steel’, scaring the friends into running off.  ”I thought perhaps it would try to push one of us in its web,” reported Ian McCalister, who was on scene.

Several brave charity workers sprang into action, trying to trap the spider in a cardboard box. Two charity workers flanked the spider, wildly brandishing broomsticks that the spider easily jumped and dodged. The spider then lunged at another charity worker, feinting a first attack at the leg and then jumping on his chest.

Scared, the charity worker tripped over his feet and shielded his eyes as the spider arched its massive pedipalps and prepared to bite him in the face. Fortunately, another of the quick thinking workers jumped forward and covered the spider with a leather coat, wrestling it until it was scooped into a cardboard box. The group then taped down the box, rushing it to the Zoological Society of London. The spider could be heard scratching at the box and letting out a weird hissing noise.

Officials from the UK Animal Society warn the spider species  is naturally feisty, typically able to hunt down bats, small cattle and game.  The irradiated spider stands nearly two-feet tall and is thought to be of ‘strong hunger and aggressive temperament’ due to it being a mother carrying its egg sac about.

In the image above, one can see the ominous, orb-like sac this mother spider carries.  The sac contains at least 400 spiders, all who may carry the Fukushima-signature and may turn out to be this large.  Officials believe the spider likely hid within luggage stores at the worker’s quarters in Cameroon, a nation that has hosted various scientific surveys from Japan.

Any residents who come upon the spider are encouraged to run away and call local authorities.  The spider is adept at burrowing and hiding under furniture, cushions and within cars.  Eyewitnesses claim the spider physically lifted a window pane to fit underneath and escape the building where it was first unleashed from its hiding place.

Officials warn that shooting the spider with any weapon is bad, because the egg sac can release over 400 spiders of similar build and temperament.  It would be better for the spider to be trapped or poisoned if necessary, to ensure that it and its offspring are all removed as a threat.

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