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Glenn Beck Steals Halloween Candy from Children to Teach Them Lesson About ObamaCare

beck stealing candy2

Glenn Beck robbed children of their hard-earned candy yesterday, to teach them a lesson about ObamaCare.  For Halloween, Beck opened the doors to his studio and shocked those passing by with invitations to come in to get a Halloween surprise.  Parents quickly ushered their children into the studio, where dressed-up kids likely expected to get delicious King Size candy bars from the media mogul.

Instead of giving out treats, however, Glenn had a major trick up his sleeve:  teach children how the world works if you have a Democrat in office.  Beck snatched bags of candy away from crying children, shocked and dismayed that all their hard earned candy was lost in a second.  Keeping eye contact with the children he just robbed, Beck then proceeded to slowly hand the bags of candy to a pit of his interns, who greedily ripped into each bag in piecewise fashion and ate out the best candies:  Snickers, Reeses, Kit Kats.  Interns only left wrappers of half-eaten Smarties and Bazooka gum for the kids to take home.

Beck would then hand the spent, torn Halloween buckets and bags to the crying children, saying, ‘This is what happens to mommy and daddy’s money because President Obama wants people who don’t work to get all their candy, and yours too.”

Brooklyn mother Monica Perelli was in shock, “His eyes were so joyous as he snatched the candy and watched my little guy cry underneath his Batman mask.  I couldn’t believe it and was just frozen in shock.”  Another parent, Dara Bernstein was just as surprised, “His [interns] people literally gorged themselves with all the chocolates in my Jimmy’s [her son] bucket.  I didn’t think they would go so far as to do politicking on Halloween.”

Beck videotaped all his encounters with family and is bragging about his achievements today.  Several parents who identify as Tea Partiers thought the ‘live lesson in Obamacare’ was brilliant.  Tex Richardson, visiting from East Tennessee was happy to see his kids cry:  “There mother is a damned Maddow fan and tries to sugarcoat Obama, but now my kids know first hand daddy was right.  Obamacare is bad and Obama will steal their candy and give it to lazy kids who don’t dress up and just show up at your doorstep with their grimy little non-working 18-year-old hands extended and thinking they will get some free handouts.”

beck stealing candy