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Gluten Rich Cat Food Causing Deformities in Kittens

japanese superscience cats
japanese superscience cats

[adsense]  If you are anything like the majority of other Americans, you probably suffer from a gluten allergy.  Gluten is a dangerous substance that can cause you to be very ill and if you are smart, you would immediately get onto a gluten-free diet.

But what many people do not realize is that our pet food is also gluten plagued.  If you are a pet owner and feed your cat food that is not gluten-free, then shame on you.  It is deplorable to think there are people out there who would be so low to buy their cats cheap, processed food that contains mutagens like gluten which as you can see, will cause birth defects.

It is estimated that 90% of sudden cat deaths involve gluten.  Statistics for dogs does not differ very much at all.

Above you can see a cat that ate some Monsanto gluten and is suffering an eye defect.  It is suffering from 7 eyes and I can only hope that someone has the decency to put this poor animal out of its misery.

If you know of someone who is not feeding their cat or dog gluten free food, please immediately call your local ASPCA.  Any person who is not on a gluten free diet will soon enough find themselves on a Darwin award listing.  There is no reason to to let pets of gluten-eaters suffer the same fate as their health-unconscious owners.