God Breaks Laws Of Physics To Smack Smug Neil DeGrasse Tyson In The Face


[adsense]God has finally made a public statement directly against Cosmos and its titular narrator Neil DeGrasse Tyson.   Last week, Tyson continued his assault against Creationists by claiming physics is the ultimate proof against God.

“Every equation of physics calculates just how improbable God is and proves how foolish Creationists are to believe in such wrong answers about life.”

Tyson went on to show how he has ‘mastered’ physics by creating a pendulum situation, in which he stood in front of a miniature wrecking ball.  Tyson was so bold as to state that because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the pendulum could not gain enough momentum to strike him in the face without any other force acting on it.

“I didn’t flinch, because there is no magical God that can break the basic laws of physics,” Tyson boasted, smugly rolling his eyes in the back of his head like a chord-strumming autistic John Mayer.

But in the video above, we can see God stepped in and taught Tyson a major lesson.  He can violate any laws of motion and thermodynamics.  How can God exist and create the universe from nothing?

Empiricists love to ask that question.  Well, the answer is simple.  I AM THAT I AM.  God is God, and the petty laws of physics do not apply to his great, unlimited power.  We can see God violated what we understand as the laws of physics to smack Tyson right in his smug face.

Let this be a lesson to all you physicists out there, God is the only universal constant.  Everything else is only allowed to be constant should he will it to be that way.  Tyson learned the hard way, you cannot calculate God.