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Hero Cat Saves Teen Boy From Vicious Dog


Bakersfield, California – A cat from Bakersfield, California, is being hailed a hero after family security cameras captured the small little feline defending a child from a hungry, vicious dog.

The backstory started when young Jeremy Triantafilo, aged 4, rode his bicycle outside the family’s Central California home.

Suddenly, without warning, a dog crept behind Jeremy and snatched him off his bike.  As the boy struggled for his life next to the family’s SUV, security cameras show the family cat, Tara, jumping into immediate action.

While the dog gnarled Jeremy’s left leg and his mother, Erika, was running from the yard and to her son, the cat instantly lunged through the air at the dog, delivering a furious flurry of clawed paws and protective hisses.

The dog, whose attacking antics looked more like a hyena trying to drag and tear apart pray, was terrified and ran off, Tara the housecat in hot pursuit.  Once the dog was clearly retreating and fearing for its life, Tara returned to the family where she checked in on her human, young Jeremy Triantafilo.

At a hospital, doctors treated Jeremy for lacerations to his left leg.

It wasn’t until Roger and Tara reviewed their home’s surveillance film that they realized the amazing heroics of their cat.

“Holy cow!  We couldn’t believe that happened,” Roger exclaimed, amazed by the bravery of his cat.  Jeremy said of Tara, “My hero!”

While the cat doesn’t seem to think herself a hero, returning back to her duties of being the adorable family cat, the dog in the video was captured in the neighborhood and went to a local animal shelter for observation.ABC_cat_rescue_jef_140514_16x9_992