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Hollywood Gays Throw Massive Orgied, Celebrate Fred Phelps Death

Hollywood, CA – It’s musky and wild here in California!  Fred Phelps had died and the gay community is throwing a Woodstock level festival.  Literally throngs of gays are excitedly ripping each other’s clothing in the street, wildly bucking their heads back in delight as they throw the city’s most massive feel-up party.  They are doing all this today for one reason:  Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, is dead.

One of the sinful revelers took a break from toking marijuana and jostling his fingers into a dogpile of men to report, “We have waited to throw this party for a very long time.”

Looking about the crowd, tons of men were exposed and dangling with sin.  Lesbians are here too, dallying each other’s Sally Jessy Raphael’s and mingling upon each other’s milk nectars.  The music sounds like some sort of odd European stuff from an artist going by Skrillet.

One group of fraternity students picketing who were picketing got swallowed up by a throng of partying gays.  One of the  students reports he was ‘depantsed and diddled in unholy ways’ as he tried to crawl out of the meat pile of hunking, sweaty celebrating gays.  One of the rioter/partiers reports, “If you aren’t here to party, you better stay home.”

It surely is sinful here and I think the death of Pastor Phelps may be one of the monumental moments for gay equality.  The morale of the gays in California is at an all time high.