Hope Starts with America, Stupid



During the last century, the mere word once made the eyes of communists well with tears of defeat and jealousy.  For our weak friends in Europe and other lesser nations, the word brought feelings of joy, promise and hope.  America meant Nazi armies begging for surrender and all people living and working together, as free men.

And so it has always been.  When the call for heroics or leadership have been cast, America was the one to answer.  The world economy fell apart, America gave the world the USD to spend.  When communists, terrorists and other un-Americans rose to power, it was the strong boot of American troops who trampled the threats.

When all is settled, it is even America who entertains the world with our Hollywood movies, technological wonder and sporting mastery.

But alas, my friends, there has come a problem in America.  We have been infiltrated by a great enemy who does not believe in American hope, American values, American God and America’s manifest destiny.  This infestation is known as the ‘modern liberal’, many of whom I actually work with at Top News Media.

Leading these liberals are people like Barack Obama, who is refusing to send thousands of troops back into Iraq to answer the call of freedom.  Every day, liberal media elite try to convince everyone that illegals are a part of this country.  They try to convince us it is okay not to work and okay not to put marijuana criminals in jail.  They try to convince that the Cosmos is a thing best descried by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, instead of something you can only truly understand after reading the Bible and trusting in the Creator.

My friends, the world is in such a sorry state, with school shootings, warfare everywhere, economies crashing and World Cup soccer getting more interest than the NBA finals because of one thing:  America is not being inspirational.

America is falling away from its duty of being the beacon of hope for humanity.  We are letting China steal our economic thunder, letting the Russians have space all for themselves, letting the Europeans plot without abiding by American rules and most dangerous of all, we are letting America fall away from its Christian tradition to be the ‘city on the hill’ for all nations to follow.

And let us make this clear.  Hope does not start with H.  It starts with America, stupid.  And until all people realize this fact, the world cannot be a better place.