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If Your Husband Is Checking Out Other Women, Maybe You Should Get Your Lazy Behind Off the Couch and Do Some Yoga


[adsense]I find it hopelessly hilarious how women will let their midsections turn into cupcakes and their backsides into turn cellulite patties, and then wonder why their men’s eyes are straying to more fit and responsible women.

There is a major epidemic because there are way too many of you fat women who think you are slim.

If you’ve been looking in the mirror lately and notice fat on your body, guess what?  You’re being selfish if you think your husband, boyfriend or lover is not somewhat disgusted by the mounds of adipose tissue thriving where there should be none.

Sure, some of you out there are balking right now and claiming that you are this way because you had kids, but that is not excuse.

During the 1950s, the divorce rate in America was far lower because women were more responsible.  Fit mothers like June Cleaver,  so cute and pert in her pearls and well-fitted outfits, was the archetype of the American woman of the house on those days.  The Ward Cleavers of America had no reason to stray for home, their wives where their ultimate fantasies.  Why?  It is quite simple, they looked great.

Before you ask, I am not a superficial person.  There is more that goes into a good relationship than looks, but if you are worried about your man cheating on you, then you better check yourself.  Am I fat?  Am I in such poor cardiovascular health, that I wind easy in bed?  Do my arms chuckle when I flail them about?  Am I doing enough yoga that I am limber and flexible in all the right ways?

If you are falling behind the curve, ladies, expect that your man is going to stray or at least have thoughts of another woman.  There is a reason why over 50% of marriages now end in divorce, and let me tell you, it is because too many women today are not staying fit and active.

Take it from me, yoga and exercise is your friend.  Would your man rather see you running through Walmart for burger meat, or have a glimpse of a fit cutie running in my yoga clothing at the park.  You decide?