Is Barack Obama Trying to Steal Martin Luther King Jr’s Thunder By Having Presidential Inauguration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Is Barack Obama hosting his 2nd inauguration on Martin Luther King, Jr. day, in efforts to eclipse one of history’s greatest men?

Is Barack Obama trying to become the new Dr. Martin Luther King?

By this point in time, it is fairly obvious that Barack Obama is a very uppity man who sees himself as a historical figure.  It’s said that great men do not seek to be great, they do not seek to be the leader or the hero.  They have the onus of responsibility thrust upon them.  They stand up for the most difficult of tasks, not expecting eternal glory in return.

That is the measure by which great men are determined and we all know, Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great man.  He stood up bravely and fought for ideas that would impact not only the direction of America, but the future of all humanity.  And he fought peacefully.

He taught those being oppressed not to fight with guns or vioence, but with words and patience.  And since the 1960s, the trend of egalitarianism and progress has been something that has affected us all.  It has left the whole richer and for that, we will always be grateful for Dr. King.

But Barack Obama is a new age demagogue, speaking only with an urban accent when the time calls for it.  He is aloof and arrogant, a manipulator who has coerced us all to pay for the lazy lifestyles of those who do not work, but still get better food and healthcare than us who do.

At many turns, Obama has spoken down to Congress and the nation he is to serve.  He threatens to take away our Constitutional rights, he overrides the will of Congress and the American people on things like fiscal spending.  His lecherous, duplicitous ways are evidence of his arrogance and contempt for the non-Harvard élite, a class of people he finds unworthy of his time or company.

Barack Obama does not have any black people, women or those of color on his cabinet.  Representative Charlie Rangel ripped into Obama for his hiring practices, because President George W. Bush had a more diverse cabinet than Obama employs.

In this image, one Ivy-league educated black man and the leg of a female secretary (look closely) who sits perched on Obama’s desk, revealing a shapely black stocking, are visible.  The rest of the men are white and unpictured are three new hires (all white, one being billionaire John Kerry).  Does Obama need some binders full of women?

Dr. Martin Luther King would be bittersweet today.  Yes, America has achieved the seemingly impossible in a short matter of time.  We had the relatively peaceful election of a mostly black president who was re-elected.  But, it just so happens that beyond that token achievement, the politician behind the president just isn’t as great a figure as he believes himself to be.  And the main reason for that is that he is coy and arrogant.

Would Martin Luther King, Jr., go jetting off on a $20 million vacation as the rest of the nation suffers through an economic crisis?  Would he give himself the crowned Caesar treatment and play up his ‘blackness’ on a holiday, just to toot his horn and try to cement his spot in history?

The answer is no.  Martin Luther King had one goal in mind, and he revealed that goal in his famous I Have A Dream speech.  King simply wanted a land of equality for all and gave his life in trying to do so.

Obama is reaping the benefits of Dr. King and now is trying to eclipse a great man’s holiday, with a day where he was ‘triumphant and reelected’ to be the nation’s first black president for a second term.  The move is arrogant and when we see all the fanfare today, it will be obvious that Obama is trying to replace Dr. King in the history books, as the champion for progress and inspiration for young children of color nationwide.

We can only hope history and lessons will continue to be taught, that Obama is not one to be celebrated.  It is our forefathers, the brave stewards of progress who fought and gave their everything, including their life, to make this land better, more connected and more free.  And until Obama is showing that type of devotion for this country, he should not be glory-basting on any day of the week.


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