Is God Striking America Hard With Flu Because Rich Were Taxed in Fiscal Cliff Deal?

Haywood Bynum III
Fiscal Conservative, Self-made man • TopekasNews
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Flu infections sweep America hospitalizing thousands, will get worse unless liberals ease up on taxing the least slothful Americans:  the rich.

  • [checklist]2,458 people have been hospitalized since  the start of flu season[/checklist]
  • [checklist]Three-fourths of those with symptoms say that they were not vaccinated[/checklist]
  • [checklist]41 states have reported severe cases[/checklist]
  • The U.S. has been hit with a particularly aggressive early flu form season this year with widespread reports of the illness  across the nation, hospitalizing 2,257 people and leaving 18 children dead  before the end of 2012.

Those are the cold, hard facts.  As you can see in the map above, God has started in the East and is making his way West in unleashing the wrath of flu upon America.  One of the 7 deadly sins is SLOTH and there has been no country more slothful than America since Obama has taken office.

Obama wants to increase taxes for the working class and even worse, us rich people, just so more people can be lazy, not go to work anymore and have the hardworking taxpayers pay for their food, housing, healthcare, children and even cell phones.  Such lazy behavior is not only un-Godly, un-American, and un-Biblical, but it is also sheer evil.  It is like reverse slavery.

For those of us who want a nice life, we have to work every day.  But for those Americans who are happy using their Snap! card and spending all day talking about Maury Povich on their government issued cell phones, they do not worry about work.  They do not have to worry about family planning, because each new kid they have will just be our responsibility until they turn 18.  And when that kid turns 18, he or she will repeat the cycle.

And you know what?  When they invariably get the flu, they will have 100% health coverage by ObamaCare.

This flu cycle will be the first true test of America’s mandated health system.  What everyone will find is that we cannot afford universal healthcare.  People who get free healthcare do not bother with over-the-counter medicines, making chicken soup and rubbing down their kids with Vick’s vapor rub.  They simply take an all-expense paid trip to the emergency room, where they will snap their necks with attitude when E.R. doctors tell them their kid’s 99.5 degree ‘temperature and slight throwing up ‘is probably not an emergency, why are you here?’

$4,000 later, they will take a cab home or call their boyfriend to pick them up in their nice SUV they can afford, somehow all without a job.  And all the while, us rich people and God can only sit back and shake our heads.  Even the middle class can join us in being upset and shamed.  It is good that God is finally weighing in on the issue and trying to send a clear message to Barack Obama.

I can only hope these parents all take their children to the E.R.  Sure, there are some kids who are truly sick:  they may have a major respiratory distress spurned by untreated RSV or pertussis.  In those cases, yes, let us treat the children.  But when all the data is collected, we will spend billions if not trillions this cold and flu season, because every welfare receiving parent is all too happy to get unecessary medical exams on our dollar.  And we get taxed more for it.

I defy anyone to call me greedy for sharing my thoughts on the matter.  I am simply speaking from the heart and in truth.  I am brave enough to say it:  if I wanted to be the sponsor of a bunch of children, I would adopt some starving kids in a third world country (of which I sponsor 8 already) or in college, would not have girded my loins and let loose the seeds of my ancestry to impregnate as many women as possible.  And you know what:  I would have at least tried to take care of all those kids.

But instead, I worked my tail off.  My wife is a surgeon, she works hard every day.  We are rich, we worked hard to earn it and I think it is criminal that our taxes are being increased, so some little misfits who do not take responsibility can continue to live their money-wasting, non-job having, have wild sex and create more children for us to be taxed for lifestyle.  It is an endless cycle that will end with America going broke and becoming as fractured as the former USSR.

Perhaps that is the future Kruschev spoke of when he said “stupid American will one day embrace communism, and fall apart”.


Looking at the data, we can see the CDC shows 29 states — and particularly New York City, New York — are reporting high levels of flu activity.  Just one week prior, there were only half as many states overwhelmed with the virus.


Do you have the flu? Check these symptoms

Here are this flu season’s most-reported symptoms:

1.  Cough – 19 per cent

2. Sore  throat – 16  per cent

3.  Fatigue – 15 per cent

4.  Headache – 14 per cent

5. Body  Ache –  10 per cent

6. Fever – 7 per cent.


To date, over 41 states have reported Influenza A or B.  According to the CDC, the numbers are 5 weeks ahead of the normal rate of infection.  By the end of this cold and flu season, America could face a pandemic not seen since the time of the deadly Spanish Flu.


Thousands of properly insured families are going to their primary care doctors to be screened for the flu.  The problem is that thousands of government insured families are going straight to the E.R. for the same, racking up billions of dollars in new taxes that we will all have to pay off this cold and flu season.

John Brownstein,  an epidemiologist  and doctor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical  School and  Children’s Hospital Boston, is very worried.  In an interview with  NBC  News Brownstein reported,  ‘Last year, we never got near this.’

The H3N2 variant of the flu is particularly strong this year, likely having is outer protein core altered by God so that it can help teach us all a lesson about taxation.




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