Is Pope Francis Possessed By Ghost of Hugo Chavez?

Aaron Albright
• TopekasNews
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Now before we get started with today’s investigation, let me say I have emailed TAPS and asked them to send camera crews with us to the Vatican, Venezuela and Argentina, so we can get some scientific backing.  It is my firm, gut belief that Hugo Chavez still somehow walks the Earth and he has used a power in death to possess Pope Francis of Argentina.

The backstory to this investigation involves a recent photo of Pope Francis, formerly Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina, waving to his new flock of followers from Saint Peter’s Basilica.  An analyst was looking at the details of a photograph and noticed in the shadows, what looks to be the glaring image of Hugo Chavez.  Judge for yourself:

hugo chavez pope

The head shape and smile are certainly a striking image of Hugo Chavez, who passed away nearly a week to date before the cardinals of the Vatican elected the new leader.

What is also convincing is the circumstance involving the election of Pope Francis.  For over two days, the cardinals apparently fought and argued before casting their votes on who was most qualified to lead the Catholic church.  In this time, is it possible that the spirit of Hugo Chavez could have sauntered into the Rome, whispering breathy subliminal messages into the ears of the weary, elderly cardinals?

“Bergogliooo.”  “Bergoglioooo.”  I can just hear it now.  How spooky is it to think of yourself locked in an ancient building, with all windows and doors fast shut.  Only the faint, glimmering flicker of candle lights can help you see, because all the electricity has been cut off.  In the eerie hum in the gules of night, you think you’re the only one hearing the whispering voice of Hugo Chavez, and thus, you vote.  Perhaps you mistook it for holy whispers.

Whatever the case, the cardinals shocked tradition by voting for the first non-European pope in over 1,300 years.  And in doing so, it seems very arbitrary that they would pick a cardinal from South America, not exactly the most politically, economically or socially viable choice for a church that’s seeking to rebrand its image and re-inspire its followers.  Considering that there was heavy desire for the pope to be European, particularly Italian, it gives credence to the notion that outside forces were involved in this Conclave.



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