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Jaded Broncos Fans: “At Least We Injured That Asshat Richard Sherman”

Richard Sherman Super Bowl Injury Ankle CrutchesEast Rutherford, New Jersey – Faces torn with anguished tears and frustration, several fans of the Denver Broncos took a moment to cheer the injury of Richard Sherman, forced to go to the locker room as he suffered a minor ankle injury.

Bartender Matty Spangler yelled over the crowd at BroncNation Bar and Hookah, “Yeah, we may have got beat a little, but at least we broke that bastard Richard Sherman’s ankle!”


A loud, boisterous cheer from drunken fans, perhaps even high, filled the air and the scene has been the same throughout the nation.

In multiple cities, the Broncos are being cheered for causing Sherman to cry in pain during the Super Bowl.  “It is just deserts,” Maple Stewart, a 94-year-old fan of the Giants said from her nursing home chair.  “That Sherman boy just is not very nice, so it was good to see God make him cry during his big game.”

“It’s the small victories,” a misty eyed Julius Thomas said, walking into the locker rooms at the close of the game, pointing up to several fans wearing 49ers jerseys.