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Japanese Scientists Invent Fukushima Asian Unicorn

Rarely Seen 'Asian Unicorn' Caught on CameraTokyo, Japan – Japanese scientists have created an 福島パワーアジアユニコーン or’Asian Unicorn of Fukushima Power’ to further demonstrate their mastery of genetics and cultural affinity for the bizarre and unique.

Scientists reveal they have used the mutative power of ‘Fukushima water’ to create the Asian Unicorn.  For years, local legend in Vietnam told of a herd of unicorn that lived in forested area.  Locals maintain that during a skirmish involving Americans and Viet Cong forces, the herd of unicorn were mistakenly ambushed and killed.

Soldiers took time to get one of the wounded animals, still showing signs of life, to a medic who stabilized it enough until it could reach a treatment clinic.  Though the animal died, military scientists in the region had the unique animal frozen and sent to government research facilities.


Using advanced cloning techniques and Fukushima radiation, Japanese scientists purportedly obtained the specimen (now called a ‘ancient saola in Vietnam) and spliced its DNA with a common goat, creating the ‘Asian Unicorn’ revealed to media today.

For a long time, the Japanese public has expressed they wanted a unique creature to rival the typically strong, horse-like unicorns popular in European culture.  Japanese scientists say the animal will be further bred to make it much longer and ‘legendary’.