Jesus Had Two Dads And He Turned Out Just Fine

Julian Zambrano
• TopekasNews
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My favorite part of the Bible has always been the part where Jesus had two dads, and he turned out just fine!

It always puzzles me why so many conservatives have a problem with things like homosexuality and gay marriage.  The Bible makes it pretty clear, in all the areas where Jesus was being full of life and loving forgiveness, that we should not be in the habit of trying to judge people.

Christians always forget that Jesus broke bread with prostitutes, didn’t instantly condemn politicians and tax collectors to hell and made it a point to wash the dirty feet of all the lowly people around him.  Yet, somehow, there are still people in this country who will fight tooth and nail to stop homosexuality at all costs, just because they have rotten hearts.

Straight people, let’s look at the numbers.  Over 56% of all marriages end in divorce.  If marriage is such a sacred institution between man and wife, then how on Earth do you justify that most marriage ends in divorce.  Why not give gay people a chance to improve those numbers?

This Easter Sunday, let us celebrate the true gifts of Christ:  love.  If you agree with the Bible or not, I think everyone can agree that if as a people, we can rise above our past prejudice and thoughts and give everyone a chance at equality, we would be better off.  It is pathetic, sad and plain silly that in the year 2013, where we can put a probe on Mars and instantly communicate with handheld computers, that we are still concerned about where this author may be laying his ‘manflesh’ at night and if I consider that person my husband.

Grow up, humanity!  Jesus had two Dads, and he turned out just fine.

If you want to say he didn’t turn out just fine, you can take that up with him.  But just remember, a man with two dads just may be extra good at sports, and you may find yourself in a fiery fastball to hell if you challenge your Savior on the issue.

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