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Jumbo Dreamliner Jet Full of New Yorkers Accidentally Land in Fly Over Country, Shocked Passengers Cannot Believe Primitive Lands like Wichita Kansas Exist

747 Wrong Airport

Piloting error leaves plane full of New Yorkers shocked at life in small Kansas towns.

“I thought we had hit a time portal.  I fully expected Doc Brown and Marty McFly to come from the cockpit, wildly waving their arms and saying they accidentally shuttled us back to the Wild West!  What the hell people live like this!”  The words and shocked sentiments expressed by Brooklyn native Tommy Caspolla mirrored that of many of his bewildered planemates as they looked out from windows, shocked to see the ‘tiny town’ of Wichita, Kansas for the first time.

Due to piloting error, the efer jumbo jet en route to McConnell Airforce Base missed its destination and landed in Wichita, which is the largest city in Kansas.  En route from its proper destination from New York, the plane quickly erupted into a chorus of instant complaints and statements of awe as passengers pointed from their windows at native Kansans in their habitat.

[adsense]”There was this one guy, wearing 1998-era Abercrombie flannel and bulgy khakis. He was giving us this smug look, like saying ‘what the hell is your plane doing in our airport,” Simone Davenport stated, appalled by the attitude of the unknown man from Wichita.

“Their little Jabara airport did not have Wi-Fi.  The only phone charger was behind a clerk’s desk and even worse, they only had cheap Wal-mart coffee maker.  There was no Starbucks!,” Elaine Griffith, from East Manhattan complained.

The Dreamlifter Dreamliner is the latest in Boeing’s series of Jumbo Jets.  The passengers expected to layover in Colorado, outside Denver, but had no idea the plane was destined for McConnell airbase, which is not far from Jabara Airport.

Several of the plane’s passengers vow that they will call their lawyers.  Stanley Hubert is very upset his family hand to ‘mingle with the flyover people’ on his trip upon America’s largest passenger jet.  “I’ve told my family stories about flyover country, about how they have crazy preachers who picket everything known to mankind and people there refuse to believe in evolution, but now my kids had to talk to these types of people first hand.”

The plane of New Yorkers managed to escape the tiny airport and get back en route to McConnell and then back to its original destination.