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Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI and Drag Racing

Justin Bieber Mugshot (Source: Miami-Dade County Police)

Glass eyed Justin Bieber caught drag racing in Miami, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Miami South Beach, Florida – Today Florida man had to move over in the headlines, because Justin Bieber was in town and dead determined to get arrested for a DUI, resisting arrest and drag racing on public streets.

[adsense]Police suspect Bieber was under the influence of strong prescription medications, cannabis and alcohol.  At 4:10 am, officers responded to a disturbance on Miami’s Pine Tree Drive.

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Two SUV trucks were slowly driving on two different parts of the street, impeding traffic and any passer-byes.  The trucks were hired by Justin Bieber as part of his entourage.  Ahead of the trucks, a car driven by the intoxicated Bieber and another vehicle allegedly driven by his friend Khalil Amir Shaerieff were engaged in a drag race.

Arrest reports show Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini, while Shaerieff drove a red Ferrari.  Both of the cars were rentals.

The speed limit along the drive is 30 miles an hour.  Pine Tree Drive sits in a residential neighborhood, the street itself being ‘long with gentle curves’, extending three miles.  Somehow in Bieber’s mind, this street was ideal for driving at incredibly fast speeds, under the influence of drugs, and putting the life of any resident or car on the street on the line as he raced along.



Bieber and Shaerieff pose in front of cars involved in the DUI drag race.

An officer in the area noted the cars were traveling 60 mph.  While the Ferrari immediately stopped, Bieber did not immediately yield and an officer smelled ‘strong alcohol’ coming from inside his car.

When cops came upon Bieber, he defied them and met them with choice words that would have got any other person beaten to the point of death and sprinkled with crack cocaine by officers, so they could throw him in jail for even longer.

The arresting officer asked Bieber to step from his car, Justin Bieber responded, “’Why the f*** are you doing this?‘”

When Bieber finally exited his car, he kept reaching into his pockets.   The cop reported, “’Finally, the driver exited the vehicle as he kept going into his pants pockets.‘”

Again, any person who thinks they could get away with drag racing at 4:10 am in a posh neighbhood, high on marijuana, opiates and swigging alcohol, cause out an officer and then dare reach your hands into your pockets as you leave your vehicle, after not stopping right away in the first place, is in for a surprise.  This would get any non-celebrity, especially black, beaten or killed.  Trayvon Martin could not even walk in the dark in front of a private citizen without getting shot for ‘looking suspicious and black’, but I digress.

When an officer grabbed Bieber’s hand to make an arrest, Bieber pulled away and challenged him:  What the f*** are you doing?

Officers at this point had enough and gave Bieber a sobriety test, which he failed.  Once Bieber reached the police station, he was apparently again a model citizen.  “Once he was here at the station, he was very cooperative.  We did not have any issues with him.”

I want to know how much the officers at the precinct were paid for ‘equipment upgrades’ from the Bieber fund to not call this little unappreciative bastard out on his crap.  You cannot go racing down streets and defying cops, then have the arresting officers praise you for at least being ‘cooperative and nice’ after they haul you into jail.  The hypocrisy and inequality of treatment here is beyond frustrating.

And to add some icing to the cake:  several news outlets report that Justin Bieber’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was in one of the SUVs that allegedly helped block the street so his son could street race, hopped up on drugs and alcohol.