Justin Bieber Framed By Biased Police, Only Blew A .014 not a .4

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Justin Bieber:  Victim of Canadian racial profiling becoming far too prevalent in the United States.

International superstar Justin Bieber is the victim of racial profiling.  Hotheaded media moguls could not wait to twist yet another headline, trying to make it seem that a talented, young and white immigrant to America was being less than appreciative of his great wealth and privilege.

After a day of vicious accusations in media and the public, with some people meanly telling him to ‘Go Back to Canada’, we have found vindication for Justin Bieber and my #FreeJustinBieber Twitter campaign.  It turns out that cops fudged their reports, to make them more salacious for the ravenous wolves of the right-wing media.


It turns out that Justin Bieber only blew a .014 alcohol level, which is far below the legal limit for driving.  Furthermore, Bieber was accused of being drunk, which clearly he could not have been with a .014 alcohol level.

This young man is a boon to America’s economy and is living the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.  His music is uniting people in ways never before, fans from all color and backgrounds, all across the world.

I was with great joy when I yelled, “He is free at last!  Thank God, Almighty, he is free at last!” when I saw Bieber exiting that holding cage down in Florida, but now hopefully everyone will embrace this young man with open arms and the respect he deserves.