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Justin Bieber Mugshot Looks Like Miley Cyrus Without Makeup

My contribution to the Justin Bieber drunk driving coverage is one observation:  Justin Bieber’s mugshot looks a lot like Miley Cyrus, without makeup.


[adsense]If the new Superman movie starring Ben Affleck Batman brings in the Joker as a villain, I could see these two being part of the Killer Clown Gang.  Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.  

For those who missed the backstory, an over-privileged Canadian song goose who put a video up on YouTube was discovered by R&B sensation Usher who thought ‘man, I could sure market this kid to suburbanites and make millions off him’ and Usher and many others greatly profited.  The little Canadian grew up without parental supervision and millions of dollars in Hollywood, givin him the personality of elephant dung and mannerisms to fit.  Fast forward to now, where said brat raced down a Florida neighborhood’s street at deadly speeds in a rented Lamborghini, high on marijuana, doped on opiates and drunk from alcohol, to only not immediately stop when cops thankfully tried to pull him over.  Once stopped, he cussed the cops out, reached into his baggy clothing several times and resisted arrest and could have pulled out a weapon.  The cops laughed and said he was a good boy once he reached the station.  He will get away with this crime and be at it again next week, because America’s justice system is a vacuous wasteland that lets the rich get away with many different crimes that would get a normal man or child shot and killed.

The Aristocrats.

That is all I really have to contribute to these little miscreants getting away with crimes that would have a normal man beat to near death by the police.