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Justin Bieber Takes Homoer-rotic Picture on White Santa’s Lap,

RUNw7Zu Hollywood, California – I am just wagging my head in shame right now. Justin Bieber has made Christmas all about himself by coming out of the closet on Santa’s lushy red velveteen lap his holiday Christmas card.

I always suspected that the little Canadian snowgoose had more goose than gander in his loins, but to be so selfish as to use Jesus Christ’s birthday season as grounds for staging your coming out party and announcing your dallying preferences on a holiday card is beyond redemption.


Now do not get me wrong, it is fine for people to be gay. But it is not fine for Justin Bieber to one, disrespect white Santa Clause here, and two, waggle his speedo heine all on an innocent old Saint’s lap while taunting the crowd with his saxophone. ┬áHe is just trying to make Santa’s twaddle dandy point to the North Pole.