Kansas Democrat Governor Paul Davis in 2014

Horaclio Sanchez-Gonsalves
• TopekasNews
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With gubernatorial elections right around the corner, it is time for Kansans to learn more about Paul Davis.

Weeks ago, Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis formed a campaign committee to run for Kansas governor.  If nominated, he will run against Republican incumbent Sam Brownback, who has alienated many voters with his seemingly big-business, elite-statesman position that has him doing things like secretly electing and handpicking state justices, strangling small, local businesses of life and orchestrating economic schemas that are breaking the back of the middle and lower class.

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Brownback’s past actions may have alienated moderate conservatives in Kansas, who by various polls have shown dissatisfaction on issues such as the governor’s stance on taxes and abortions.  In perhaps a very clever move, Davis has hired the son of US Senator Nancy Kassebaum-Baker (Republican) — Representative William Kassebaum — to be his campaign treasurer.  By default, his action committee is already breaking partisan lines.

A brilliant man of law at 41-years-of-age, Davis is in a unique position to provide energetic, fresh leadership while being experienced and seasoned enough to learn the nuances of making Kansas strong within itself and prominent on the national stage.   Most Kansans would agree that the state economy and infrastructure could use improving, and the changes those improvements necessitate will not happen by keeping stagnant leadership in office.

Senator Anthony Hemsley and business heavyweight  Jill Docking’s support of Davis may likely be attributed to such key factors.

Many moderate Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated fear that Brownback’s most recent proposals for tax cuts stem from his desire to empower a wealthy constituency who supports him.  Many experts, nationally, argue that the type of personal tax cuts Brownback proposes for the upcoming fiscal year will leave state universities underfunded, forcing parents to withdraw their children from school or worse not be able to afford higher education at all.

Social services and local schools will also be negatively impacted.  Many Kansans are still very sore over the fact that Brownback considered closing down the Kansas Neurological Institute, a place whose residents are completely dependent on the skilled care provided by the staff.  Without skilled care, the residents would likely perish in quick manner and a major employer in Kansas would be lost, leaving many skilled and highly talented workers without jobs.

The example of KNI is used to illustrate a shining example of extreme GOP policy of late:  lack of compassion for people, for the sake of shuttling more money into big corporations and executive pockets.


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