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Kanye West: “Memorial Day Weekend Is Now Known As Kimye Marriage Weekend, Screw The Vets”

kanye west kim kardashian memorial day wedding

A confused US general stops giving Memorial Day speech as he is interrupted by Kanye West, who appeared upon hallowed grounds to tell everyone stop crying over dead soldiers and start celebrating his new marriage with Kim Kardashian.

[adsense]Arlington, Virginia – Kanye West further infuriated United States veterans this Memorial Day Weekend.  Only months after he compared giving concerts to be ‘just as brave’ as going to war for one’s country, Kanye West further dissed the US military by claiming his wedding should have superseded any Memorial Day Weekend plans.

“I don’t know why people are moping around and being depressed today,” the Yeezus singer told reporters from TMZ.  “I got married this weekend to Kim for a reason.  People already are used to having it off, so they can just start celebrating Kimye Day instead of Memorial Day.  Just listen to my music, eat some good food, and enjoy your family.  That is all you need to be happy every day and every year.”

Security personnel were surprised when Kanye showed up to the Hallowed Grounds of Arlington Park, his entourage pushing their way past posted soldiers with claims that Kanye was to be a guest of honor.  Once on the stage, Kanye produced a hand-held microphone that automatically tapped into the wireless PA system.

“All the soldiers you are mourning for, they gave their life so we can celebrate.  That’s why I gave you something to celebrate every year.  So you all dry your eyes, go home to your families and take relief that I got married this weekend just for you.”

“Memorial Day weekend is now known as Kimye Married weekend, and screw you vets who cry and say I am stealing your thunder. When I am out there on stage, putting on my dangerous moves and exposing myself to thankless masses, I am a soldier.  But I am a soldier that always wins and lives on.  I do this for you, my people.”

Kanye then allegedly invited service-attenders to buy some Support Our Kanye shirts members of his media team were selling outside the invite-only staging area.