Kathy Griffin Tries to Give Anderson Cooper A BoBo Live on TV: Happy New Years 2013!

Casey McKnight
• TopekasNews
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You know it is officially a new year when the red-haired succubis of unfunny comedy tries to hit on an innocently gay man named Anderson Cooper.  Oh yes, Kathy Griffin arose from her layer last night, drunk and red as ever, as she tried to lip wrestle Anderson Cooper’s fleshy male member live on TV.  This is one of those news stories where you have to take a shot of whisky before reporting it, because the entire thing is so outlandish.

As you know, Anderson Cooper – the very fashion smart and chique newshost with a great, well-spoken mind – came out of the closet and publically stated that he was a gay man last year.  Many people already figured with his chistled physique, great fashion sense and no sign of a girlfriend in a Hollywood/news media that was hungry for him, that he may have hidden orientation.

Kathy Griffin, who is actually good friends with Anderson Cooper, has made it no secret that for the rest of her life, she will try to get him drunk and in bed with her every New Years.  And she will do this in front of the world.  There’s not many words that can be used to follow-up the video, so enjoy pictures of Kathy Griffin’s efforts in 2012 to ‘tempt’ Anderson Cooper, and just like a New York food critic forced to eat hash at Denny’s, you can see he does the one finger push away and ‘go home, hashy potatoes, I’m not drunk enough’ look of distaste.

Anderson Cooper is not impressed.


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