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Kim Jong Un Stars in “Glorious Leader” Video Game for Wii U, Xbox One


[adsense]Pyongyang, North Korea – The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea announced a huge deal with Microsoft and Nintendo, where its ‘Glorious Leader’ Kim Jong Un stars as the titular hero of game title Glorious Leader.

North Korea commissioned the video game after 30-years of breaking down the coding for the classic ‘Sega Genesis’ video game console. Gaming programmers in the developing nation plan to release many more similar titles now that they have cracked the ‘basic elemental programming’ of gaming titles that were insanely popular during the 1980s.

“This game will challenge the brainwashing Contra soldier game and make Americans realize the good fight is not against the eternal kingdom of Our Loving Father in North Korea and his allies, but instead the greedy capitalist that bring eternal down sadness for their people who deserve to join the people of North Korea for a bright future under the shadows of our Grand Marshalls of Life Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il Sung” North Korea announced via a telecast on its state-run media.

In the video game, Kim Jong-Un rides a unicorn into battle against various enemies of North Korea.  When in the United States, Kim Jong-Un puts to use classic NBA Jam! skillsets and ability to tear apart dashes of color representing stars such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kevin Duckworth and Michael Jordan, who randomly meet and challenge Un for a game of ‘streetball’ on one of his missions.

It is worth noting, Kim Jong Un misses no shot inside the half-court line, no matter how closely he is guarded.

A US-based gaming company is porting the title into a downloadable form, which has greatly angered the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.  On Twitter North Korea threatened:   “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea commands you to know that the capitalistic pigs at Moneyhorse LLC, are developing Glorious Leader!”

While Xbox and Nintendo have not responded to North Korea’s claims that the game will play perfectly on the consoles, the downloadable version of the game is already sparking excited interest and is something players from all over should buy and enjoy.