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Lady Gaga Confesses Marijuana Addiction, Wants Her Kids to Know Weed is Addictive

lady gaga before and after marijuana

Superstar singer Lady Gaga is the most recent celebrity to come forward and confess her marijuana addiction. For years, we have seen marijuana ravage the life of this beautiful young woman, causing her to wear all sorts of weird, horrible outfits of meat, exposed flesh and animal puppets.

It is wonderful to have such an important cultural icon such as Lady Gaga reaching out and confessing her addiction and sin.  Lady Gaga reports she is confessing this, because one day she wants her children to understand the addictive power of marijuana.


The liberal left wing media always tries to claim marijuana is not harmful, when quite the opposite is true.  Marijuana is the most addictive and annoying drug that mankind has ever known.  It destroys lives.  We see what marijuana did to Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and the Beatles.  I am happy to see Lady Gaga does not want to become a statistic here.


lady gaga before and after marijuana

[adsense]We need more celebrities like Lady Gaga to come forward and tell their stories of triumph over these addictions. Most recently, we see that the woman-child Miley Cyrus was smoking Satan’s laughing gas at the MTV music awards in Europe. Just like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus has been really weird lately and we know why now.

It is no different for Justin Bieber, just watching his life spiral out of control and we can accurately guess the culprit for it all.

Youths of today face such horrible pressure to fit in, so it is good to see a trendsetter like Lady Gaga trying to put a final end to this dangerous culture and instead instill good values into the stewards of America’s bright future.