Leonardo DiCaprio Flies Jet To Ukraine, Joins Resistance Against Russia


[adsense]Crazy-eyed and livid after yet another Oscar’s snub, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted in the Ukraine, wildly brandishing firearms and pommeling armed Russian troops into submission.

“They say my acting is too f**cking stiff and scripted, well how is this for live action,” DiCaprio yelled, tossing a grenade toward a cowering band of clearly confused and terrified Russian conscripts, all whilst holding a Russian officer in a choke hold with his free hand.

DiCaprio plans to release footage of himself single-handedly demolishing Russia’s troops in a new unamed biopic, all in hopes to win the Oscars of 2015. Taking time to stop and talk to a news crew, DiCaprio showed he still has a sense of himself by stating, “Whoever says DiCaprio has no gravitas in his acting is free to fly over here and invade the Ukraine. I dares ya.”