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Why Are Liberals Cyberbullying Chris Christie Over The Fort Lee Bridge Scandal?

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Obama and his cronies laugh with evil delight as Chris Christie with lines of cheeseburgers he cannot resist, all while showing him videos of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert making fun of his weight.


chris chrsitie cryingTrenton, New Jersey (Mail Daily) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest victim of cyberbullying.

The horrid examples of pundit after pundit taking cheap shots on the governor are simply numerous and disgusting.  The latest bullying attack on the soft-spoken, teddy of a Governor have gone beyond targeting his weight and are now focused on calling the governor a liar, a cheat and a bully.

This entire mess started when several bloggers at the New York Times ‘broke’ a story that Chris Christie schemed to block traffic in Fort Lee by blocking to entry lanes on the George Washington Highway.

The accusations implied that Christie had an obsession with getting revenge on Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich, which he did by creating gridlock with the mayor’s small town.

Christie has since been recluse and hiding, crying out streaming tears with his family as we see in the heartbreaking image on the right. The story of this man who stands up boldly for so many obese, loud, obsessive-compulsive Americans, who now number in the majority in this nation, is a testament of strength and encouragement.   It is sad to see this man get bullied just because he has a psychological condition.

Yes, Governor Christie probably did obsess over getting revenge on the small-town mayor.  Anyone who has never got revenge on someone, especially someone who schemed to make them lose a gubernatorial race, is simply a hypocrite in denial.  The human default status is set for a need of revenge.  We you add obsessive-compulsive disorder to that equation, we cannot even hold Christie accountable for his actions.  He was a victim of his condition.

Just like he is a victim of cyberbullying.  To every “journalist” out there writing all these wild accusations of Christie, poking funny at his ‘Pillsbury Plump’ and tormenting him over this entire bridge nonsense, blowing it out of proportion, shame on you.

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