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Light on Mars Caused by ‘Glinty Rock or Cosmic Rays’, Claim Scientists

light on mars
light on mars


[adsense]  Footage showing a mysterious light on Mars was captured by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover.  The footage clearly shows  a bright light of unknown origin.  UFO and alien life enthusiasts maintain this may be the first evidence of intelligent life outside Earth.

Scientists from NASA, however, have played spoil-sport and forwarded the likelihood of the light being alien as small.  Several sources from NASA speculate that the light is most likely a ‘cosmic ray reflecting off a glinty rock’ and hitting rover’s camera, causing the phenomena.

“At the same time NAVCAM RIGHT took the picture with the light in it, NAVCAM LEFT also took a picture…and there’s no light,” Plait explains. The supposed glint of light on the horizon may have been just a glitch in one of the camera shots.